CoreMedic is focusing on the development of devices and therapies to address the treatment of heart valve diseases. CoreMedic’s ChordArt™ mitral valve repair system is focusing on the minimally invasive, trans-femoral repair at the beating heart.

CoreMedic AG has emerged out of the orbit of the University Hospital of Berne and University Hospital Zurich (Switzerland), world leading hospitals regarding the development of new technologies and treatment methods in the areas of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.  

The company has been founded in June 2012, focusing on the design, development and commercialization of novel and innovative solutions for mitral valve repair..

In 2013 CoreMedic implemented a quality management system according to ISO 13485, has been certified in September 2015 and fully complies with the international quality system requirements for a medical device company.

In April 2017 the SHS Investment Group ( invested in CoreMedic.
SHS, founded in 1993 is an independent private equity company, located in Tübingen, Germany with the focus on investments in the MedTech and Life Sciences sector. SHS, with it`s vast experience in this field is investing and supporting the development and growth of CoreMedic with the main goal to perform the clinical study of ChrdArt, CoreMedics mitral valve repair system.

latest news

16. May 2018

CoreMedic announces first clinical use of mitral valve chordal repair system ChordArt™

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The Management and Board

Thomas Bauer (CEO)

has more than 15 years of experience in the health care industry, well experienced in leading multifunctional and multinational teams in start-up, medium to small business as well as multinational corporations. He has a proven track record in research and development of medical devices in and for highly regulated environments, strong background in engineering, operations, quality management systems, risk management and regulatory affairs. He held several director-level positions and lead a site with approximately 220 employees. Companies: Hexal, Jomed, Abbott Vascular, INVATEC, Medtronic, CoreMedic; Education: Dipl.-Ing (FH) Biomedical Engineering, MBA

The Medical Advisory Board

Alberto Weber, PD Dr. med. (scientific and clinical advisor)

is one of the “fathers” of the ChordArt idea. He is a cardiovascular surgeon by training and moved from the Inselspital Bern to the University Hospital in Zurich in 2015. Alberto participated and supported numerous medical device ideas at the ARTORG center in Bern, a translational center where ideas from the clinical environment are being investigated and developed. He functioned both as clinical/ scientific expert and inventor himself. He is performing hundreds of surgical treatments and procedures every year. He is very well connected in the medical/ cardiovascular community. Hospitals: Inselspital Bern, University Hospital Zurich; Education: Zurich and Bern


Rolf Vogel, Prof. Dr. med. et phil. Nat (scientific and clinical advisor)

is both an  engineer and cardiologist by training. He has been and is participating in multiple projects with regards to medical device development at the ARTORG center in Bern and the University of Applied Sciences in Bern/ Biel. He is supporting and driving a lot of developments and device ideas from feasibility to actual development. Rolf held several positions in the cardiologic department at the Inselspital in Bern before became head of the cardiology department at the “Solothurner Spitäler AG” a consortium of several hospitals at which he is responsible for the two cardiologic units (in two hospitals). Hospitals: Inselspital Bern, Bürgerspital Solothurn, Kantonsspital Olten; Education ETH (University) Zurich, University Bern

Thierry Carrel, Prof. Dr. med. (scientific and clinical advisor)

is a well-known and respected heart and vascular surgeon. Prof. Carrel has been and is involved in a large number of sciences and medical device projects both as active member and as chairman of multiple funding and scientific organizations. He theses and supported hundreds of publications as well as bachelor, master and doctoral theses. He is member of multiple scientific societies and sits on editorial boards for several scientific journals and medical publications. After his studies in Fribourg and Bern, Prof. Carrel worked in several hospitals worldwide before he has been appointed as the clinical director and head of the department of heart and vascular surgery of the University Hospital Inselspital in Bern. Hospitals: St.-Claraspital Basel, Inslespital Bern, Bezirksspital Saanen/ Zweisimmen, Univeristätspital Zürich, Tiermlispital Zürich, Université Paris-Sud, Med.Hochschule Hannover, University Children Hospital Helsinki, Johns Hopkins University Baltimore.